Frequently asked questions

You’ll find a wealth of flooring and carpet information on this page, including the most frequently asked questions about carpet care.

Do you need any flooring and carpet information that isn’t mentioned here? Then please contact us, we’d be happy to help.


Which areas do you service?

Our showroom is based on the North Shore, and we supply and install carpets, engineered wood floors and laminate floors throughout the Auckland region.


What’s involved at a measure and quote?

One of our experienced measurers will visit you at a convenient time and will:

  • Discuss your carpeting and flooring needs
  • Explain the options available for underlay and any other flooring accessories (e.g. stair fittings)
  • Measure the room(s) and draw scale plans.

Once the measurer is back at the showroom, a cutting-plan is drawn up, which accurately works out exactly how much flooring is needed. That’ll then give us the information we need to put together the quote for you.

Within 2 working days, your quote will be posted, emailed or faxed to you, and will include the total cost of your floor, including the installation and underlay.


Why choose Bill Hayward Carpets?

“A pleasure to deal with”

“I was very impressed with the excellent service I received from Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus. Every aspect of the service was excellent and every person involved was professional and a pleasure to deal with. The carpet layer did a wonderful job. Since I have had the carpet down, I have recommended Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus to anyone I hear talking about carpet or building new homes etc., and will continue to do so.”

- Pat Nichols

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Can you come to me with flooring and carpet samples?

If you give us an indication of flooring type and colour we can bring a selection of samples when we do the measure. At the very least it will get the ball rolling and we can then start fine-tuning the colour selection process.

As our showroom has got the widest range of carpet samples in Auckland, we’d need a very big truck to bring them all to you! So it’s much better if you can come to us - and it’ll save you time in the long run, as our selection is so big you won’t have to go anywhere else.

Here’s our showroom location and opening hours.


What sort of guarantee is there on the flooring?

Our carpets are guaranteed by the manufacturer and we guarantee the quality of our installation for the life of the carpet. Wow!

The guarantee on laminate floors ranges from 20 to 25 years, and engineered wood floors have a 25-year structural warranty.


What’s the difference between an engineered wood floor and a laminate floor?

Engineered wood flooring and laminate flooring are more affordable alternatives to solid hardwood floors, and both have a veneer on the surface. This veneer is much thicker on an engineered wood floor than a laminate floor. And the veneer on engineered wood floors is real wood, unlike laminate floors.

Out of the two, engineered wood floor is more expensive than a laminate floor, because it’s a higher quality product and it looks far superior.


Is there a difference in installing engineered wood floors to laminate floors? And why does this matter?

Engineered wood floors are glued down, whereas laminate floors float on an underlay. The difference is obvious when you walk on the floors: laminate tends to have a “tap, tap, tap” sound when you walk on it – but the engineered wood floor, which is glued down, has a solid sound and feel, since it’s real timber.

Laminate floors can also squeak; engineered wood floors don’t have this issue, as they are glued down.


Are engineered wood floors or laminate floors suitable for wet areas, such as bathrooms?

Engineered wood floors that are glued down are OK in wet areas – but laminate floors are not suitable.


What’s easier to maintain: an engineered wood floor, or a laminate floor?

The maintenance for both floor types is the same.


What’s the difference between a tufted and a woven carpet?

Today, most carpets are made by a process called “tufting”. It involves hundreds of needles threading the yarn through a primary backing, and then a secondary backing is bonded to the reverse side. This anchors the tufts in position.

Woven carpets have their backing woven on at the same time as the pile, and simultaneously anchors the tufts in place. Wilton and Axminster carpets are woven, and the names refer to the loom types. Woven carpets offer a wider range of patterns, but as they’re slower to manufacture they generally tend to be more expensive than tufted carpets.


How do I choose the right carpet? It’s all a bit overwhelming!

Yes, the choice of carpets available is huge: everything from wool and other natural fibres, to extra durable carpets for commercial environments. Designs range from traditional to contemporary; rich, bright hues to neutral tones.

That’s why it’s a good idea to consult a carpet specialist such as Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus. Our experienced team will find out what’s best for you. Our experienced team will find out what’s best for you: just contact us for assistance, we’d be pleased to help you make the right carpet choice.

With the widest range of flooring brands in one showroom, come and see us for carpet information, samples and free quotes.

I’m not very good with colours – can you help me choose the right colour?

Yes – our team’s very experienced in selecting colours to suit your décor and colour scheme. You’re welcome to bring in photos and colour swatches of your paint and furniture, and we’ll gladly provide you with some colour advice.


Can I take flooring samples with me?

Yes, you’re welcome to take as many flooring and carpet samples as you like.

Is there a bond or charge for flooring and carpet samples?

No, flooring and carpet samples are loaned to you FREE for a few days at a time so that you can see the flooring in your own environment with your wall colours and lights. This is important as flooring colours can vary from night and day under certain lights. Samples not returned are chargeable.


What does underlay do?

A good quality underlay has 2 main purposes:

  1. More luxury: it makes your carpet feel softer underfoot, for that real luxury feeling.
  2. Longer life: underlay supports your carpet and can extend the life of your carpet.

What is the best type of underlay?

Bonded foam chip underlay provides a long lasting, uniform and even support for your carpet. We give our Sorb-a-lay underlay a 20-year guarantee, as we are so confident in its properties and construction that we know it will last.

Whenever we uplift carpets that have waffle-type underlay, it’s normally flattened to the floor because the air pockets in the waffles can’t support the weight of the carpet. You won’t experience that problem with Sorb-a-lay, because it has a uniform consistence rather than waffles with air pockets.

Sorb-a-lay is premium quality commercial-grade underlay – and it’s only available at Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus.

Is the underlay for laminate floors the same as for carpets?

No, laminate floors use a different type of underlay than carpets. For laminate floors, there’s a choice of 2mm underlays with varying levels of sound absorbing qualities for you to choose from.


How do I look after my new carpet?

All customers receive a copy of our “Complete Guide to Carpet Care” when we’ve installed your new carpet. This outlines how to best keep your new carpet clean, as well as a stain removal guide. If you’ve misplaced your copy, please contact us and we’d be pleased to send you another one.

The golden rule of stain removal is to never panic, rub or scrub: this could cause permanent damage. So if you’re a client of ours in need of help, please call us!


Can you move my furniture for me when the floor is laid?

Yes, absolutely. Your estimate will include a price for furniture moving, if it’s needed.


What about my old flooring - can you remove that and dispose of it?

Yes, Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus can lift and dispose of your existing flooring, whether it’s carpet, vinyl or underlay.

Your estimate will include a price for this service.

We only hire experienced flooring and carpet installers, to ensure your home or business carpet installation is done perfectly and to your satisfaction.

Can I use my old carpet as underlay?

No, carpet doesn’t make good underlay.

See our section on Underlay to see what a good quality underlay does for you.

Old carpet has none of the requirements to support your new carpet.


I’m building a new house/renovating my home. At what stage should the carpet be fitted?

While it’s a good time to choose your carpet early on, to make sure it matches the décor, it’s best to have the carpet laid as the very last task once all the tradesmen have finished their jobs.


How can I pay for my new floor? Do you offer finance?

Payments are accepted by cash, cheque, electronic direct banking, Eftpos, Visa, and MasterCard. Finance is available via QCard.

Just contact us for details.


How is carpet priced?

Carpet is manufactured on either 3.6m wide or 4.0m wide machines. The manufacturers make the carpet into large rolls which are then sold by the metre. That’s called a broadloom metre. A broadloom metre is 3.6m wide or 4.0m by 1.0m long.

Don’t worry if that sounds complicated - the team at Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus will work out exactly how much carpet is needed for your room.


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