Residential carpets

Your home is your sanctuary; your retreat. So it’s important that your house carpet reflects your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a residential carpet for your own home, your bach, a new build, or an investment property, Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus has just the carpet you want.

Whether your home is classic or contemporary - there’s a carpet to suit.


Got pets or kids?

We can show you the most hard-wearing, easy-clean residential carpets.


Allergies a problem?

Your choice of residential carpet can make a difference to asthma or other allergies.

Modern residential carpet can be hard wearing, soft, or allergy-friendly. Check out the huge range in our Auckland showroom.


The team at Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus are all experts in residential carpets. That’s why we’ve won Cavalier Bremworth NZ Carpet Dealer of the Year for two years running.


The best installers

Our skilled installers have been laying carpets for Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus for over 10 years. They’re here to offer you a great service and attention to detail.

Residential carpet fibre types

You have a number of different types of carpet fibre to choose from:

  • Wool and wool-rich pile: Luxury for your feet! Wool carpets can feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter, plus they have innate stain resistance properties that allow most spills to be cleaned easily. Wool is also naturally flame retardant and acts as a noise insulator.
  • Triexta: A premium synthetic fibre containing DuPont Sorona, which is a renewably-sourced polymer. Triest fibre is extremely soft, wears well, is colourfast, and does not stain easily.
  • Nylon: A high quality synthetic fibre that can construct almost any type of carpet. It has excellent colourfastness properties, and resistant to most stains, provided they have been appropriately treated. Nylong carpets will provide you with long term durability.
  • Polyester: Great value synthetic fibres that provide a rich, soft feel and colourfastness.
We only hire experienced flooring and carpet installers, to ensure your home or business carpet installation is done perfectly and to your satisfaction.

Residential carpet styles

Cut pile hard twist carpet

This is the most popular carpet style in New Zealand, and is less likely to show traces of footprints and vacuuming compared to a plush cut pile carpet. That's because it's constructed with a high twisted yarn that results in the pile lying in different directions, and it offers a luxurious feel underfoot. Permanent pile reversal is a consideration when purchasing a cut pile hard twist style carpet.

Cut pile plush carpet

Because it's constructed with a slight twist in the yarn, the pile stands upright and provides a smooth velvet-like surface with a very soft, luxurious finish. Plush pile carpet has a tendency to display temporary shading from footprints and vacuuming. Permanent pile reversal is a consideration when purchasing a cut pile plush style carpet.

Cut and loop pile carpet

These carpets have a stylish finish with a soft, smooth feel. It's constructed with a combination of both cut and loop tufts that create a textured appearance. This style of carpet has a tendency to display temporary shading from footprints and vacuuming. Permanent pile reversal is a consideration when purchasing a cut and loop style carpet.

Frieze/shag pile carpets

This carpet style provides a sensual and luxurious feel, thanks to the long cut pile tufts. The long tufts lie in different directions and provide a deep texture and shaggy appearance.

Looped carpets

Looped carpets are formed when the yarn is threaded through the backing, and then sewn back through, creating a loop of yarn. There are a number of types of loop pile carpets available, including level loops, sisals, textured loops, and multi-level loops. Each type of looped carpet creates a distinct look in your home. Pattern match, bowing and skewing are considerations when choosing a loop pile carpet.

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“A pleasure to deal with”

“I was very impressed with the excellent service I received from Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus. Every aspect of the service was excellent and every person involved was professional and a pleasure to deal with. The carpet layer did a wonderful job.

Since I have had the carpet down, I have recommended Bill Hayward Flooring+Plus to anyone I hear talking about carpet or building new homes etc., and will continue to do so.”

- Pat Nichols


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